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Humble Beginnings

It all began in the back in the 90’s. Through various negotiations the late Fred Venter and partner Ronnie Pienaar got the opportunity in 1991 to take ownership of a well-established foundry in the Boksburg East, Gauteng area. Greenhorn Foundry had been in business since 1961 manufacturing smaller size castings.

Venter and Pienaar changed the name of the company to High Duty Castings and also focused on expanding the business to include larger size castings for the pumps and valves industry, gearbox manufacturers, the compressor and hydraulics industries, as well as the agricultural, bearing and railway industries.

We love what we do

Built upon

Family Ethos

Established in 1991, privately owned South African foundry High Duty Castings (HDC) has provided its customers with more than two decades of quality components. The company prides itself on having close relationships with its customers, 40% of whom have been loyal customers since HDC’s inception.

With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, the company has the flexibility to adapt to the needs of its clients. With two, well integrated, operations, it is able to meet the requirements of clients whose own performance depends on HDC’s capacity to deliver.

Welcome to the Family

Happy Family, positive work environment, with increased output = Happy Customers whom also become part of the family. 

Bradley Venter


Danie van Schoor



Family Members

Jolandi Smit


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Dumisani Mkhahbela


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Jafta Motaung

HDA Manager

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Jeffrey Molomane


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Johny Fortuin

Fettling & Dispatch

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Louis van Rooyen

Foundry Manager

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Piet Snyman


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Samukelo Bongwe


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Thokoazane Nkosi

Fettling & Dispatch

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Winston Nxumalo

Pattern Maker

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Empowering our Family

Providing opportunities for our loyal & dedicated workforce.


From earliest times, blacksmiths melted iron in forges and hammered the metal on anvils, or poured it into forms to create essential products that would last many lifetimes. A blacksmith always had an assistant who operated the bellows, which provided the forced draft for raising the temperature of the fire.

In the same way, a partnership has been forged between High Duty Castings and South African Enterprise Development - each bringing together their respective skills and networks – to take the age old art and tradition of forging metal, to the next level.

South African Enterprise Development is a trusted advisor and partner in the growth journey of exceptional businesses. Our investment will enhance the sustainability and growth of High Duty Castings, a business which has distinguished itself in the foundry industry for over 50 years

Constant Growth

Having successfully grown from 60 employees to nearly 200 employees, High Duty Castings has pushed beyond the threshold of a new era with the one third acquisition by South African Enterprise Development (SAED).

Unlocked Potential

This investment by SAED has unlock greater potential in HDC. In this way, the company has been catapulted into a new league both locally and internationally. High Duty Castings seeks to be a leading foundry within the industry as well as a committed empowering employer