Facility Equipment

Making Use Of The Best Machinery Resources

Our Facilites Equipment Includes

High Duty Castings ensures it's clients that their products are produced in the best possible manner by the correct machinery ensuring strong & long lasting products.

Three green sand production lines.

No bake moulding for job production \ Core shop producing sodium titrate and cold box cores.

High volume moulding and casting unit producing automotive, coal and mining components.

MF Coreless induction melt plant.

Pattern shop manned and loved by a qualified patternmaking team.

Two magnesium core-wired treatment plants for ductile iron production.

Building Towards Industry 4.0

Lauds L6 Reclamation Plant

High Duty Castings have recently installed a complete Lauds L6 reclamation plant that allows for the introduction of hot sand and castings and the plant delivers 6-ton per hour of cooled sand.