HDC Quality Control

High Duty Castings implements several control measures in order to ensure the quality of its products. The company makes use of a metallurgical, as well as a sand laboratory to maintain the quality control of its processes.

The company’s SPECTROMAXX stationary metal analyser is used for material testing for incoming and outgoing inspections, and determines all the essential elements.

A top of the line hardness testing machine provides fully automatic operation and image analysis, automatic/manual dark field image analysis of Brinell indentations with ring light, and efficient data administration. It is capable of the following test methods:

  • Brinell acc. to EN ISO 6506/ASTM E-10;
  • Vickers acc. to EN ISO 6507/ASTM E-384;
  • Rockwell acc. to EN ISO 6508/ASTM E-18.

All products produced by High Duty Castings carry the company’s part number and lettering.